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    Could EurekaLog find dead code. I know this does not fit into the main mission of EurekaLog but I believe that the EurekaLog team is the best informed for extracting information from Project *.map files. I was wondering if a projects map file could be used to identify code that is never used. If so could this be reported by EurekaLog.

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    Finding dead code by using the map file would be very difficult, time consuming and error prone.

    Bear in mind that for Delphi anyway, the Linker removes all dead/unused code from the EXE. So, even though you may have lots of unused source code in a project, it really doesn't matter. Performance and EXE size are not affected.

    CBuilder probably does link in unused code, since that is the nature of C/C++.

    You might consider using a Uses List cleaner (for Delphi projects). CnPack has a good one and it is free. The cleaner removes unused unit dependencies from your source.
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